In conversation

Roman Hanny – Naturns

Please introduce your company shortly.

My name is Hanny Roman and my shop has been converted into a hair salon after having been an office before.

How did you find the company Moriggl?

Before the renovation, the plaster ceiling fell directly on our heads, because the water was already leaking through the crumbling pipes. In the course of this renovation, we came across the company Moriggl, which did a great job here and we are absolutely satisfied. 3) Were you satisfied with the implementation and support you received?

Were you satisfied with the execution and support? 

They did a great job and the technicians were quick and clean.

Would you recommend the company Moriggl?

We were a bit worried that we would encounter more problems, but all the problems were solved to our fullest satisfaction and we can always recommend the company Moriggl. Thank you.

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