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Hotel Vitaurina – Mühlen in Taufers

Please introduce your hotel shortly.

We are Klaus and Karin from the Hotel Vitaurina Royal in Mühlen in Taufers, in the Ahrntal. My parents built the first house here in 1968 when they got married. I took over the hotel at age 21 with my sister. During this time – it was just before Christmas – we had two breakages in the pipes. At that time I then considered how old the whole house really was and that there might be something wrong in the pipes after all the extensions of the last decades. We noticed quite early that we had problems with the drinking water – especially in the bar area:  Dirty, rusty water always came out the tap. Even when filling the swimming pool, the water was always rusty at the beginning. So we asked ourselves, what we should we here, because the pipes were made of iron and from the 70s.

How did you find the company Moriggl?

In this framework we became aware of the company Moriggl. We also talked to other companies, but in the end, Moriggl got the job from us and that was a good decision. We were very satisfied with the work.

What works were carried out by the company Moriggl and were you satisfied with the execution and support?

The company Moriggl carried out the pipe rehabilitation, from the ground floor to the upper areas and carried out the work cleanly, professionally, according to plan, on time and reliably.

Would you recommend the company Moriggl?

We would recommend the company Moriggl and have already talked about our works positively with our colleagues and friends.

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