In conversation

Hotel Hinteregger – Katschberg

How did you come across Moriggl? 

I visited a fair in Salzburg, where I met the junior boss of the company Moriggl, who explained and showed us the system. Then we contacted the Moriggl company, they were supposed to have a look at our hotels, and we made an agreement with them to rehabilitate the pipes.  

What kind of works did Moriggl carry out for you? 

The company Moriggl has basically received two orders from us. Firstly, basically to renovate the bathrooms in the guest rooms. In our opinion, they did this very well and very cost effectively, and everything ran very smoothly. In addition, they also renovated the domestic water pipes, as these were badly contaminated.

Were you satisfied with the execution and support? 

The execution and support by the company Moriggl was very good, probably because the junior boss was right there. 

Would you recommend the company Moriggl? 

In any case, we would recommend the company Moriggl, we would also resort to it at our premises, in our factories, if we have a bigger project or a water pipe renovation is pending.

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